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Mortgage Guide Books


Are You Close to
Losing Your Home?

Then You Need to Learn
About How You Can Effectively Modify Your Home Mortgage Today!

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Learn How To Quickly Build At Least $40,000 Worth Of Home Equity And Pay Your Mortgage Off In 10 Years Or Less

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“Learn Little-Known Alternative Real Estate Financing Methods That Can Build Your Net Worth FAST!”

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  1. admin says:

    First, those that apply must be applying for a loan modification for their primary residence. The federal government homeowner program does not apply to rental or other property that is not the homeowner’s primary residence. Second, the first mortgage on the home must be equal or less than $729,250. Third, the applicant must have difficulty making the payment, which could be because of a job loss, reduction in income, increase in mortgage payment, or other hardship that impedes the applicant’s ability to meet their obligations on their mortgage in a timely manner. Fourth, the mortgage must have been opened prior to January 1, 2009.

    Lastly, the mortgage payment currently must be higher than 31% of the original borrower’s gross income. The mortgage payment amount includes the principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and homeowner association fees. While many believe that they must be delinquent on their mortgage payments to qualify, they do not. For those homeowners meeting the above mentioned guidelines, contacting their lender may be the most convenient option. If not, several websites are dedicated to the government program.

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